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"Wicked Smaht" Data Science

We’re building predictive analytics to ensure big machines keep running.

We’re building predictive analytics to ensure big machines keep running. Our platform will underpin the Industrial Internet.

Artificial Intelligence, and machine learning more specifically, is driving new efficiencies in industry. Dramatic reductions in compute and data storage costs, coupled with an increasing number of sensors, open new applications for machine learning.

Unfortunately, equipment data is often managed in data silos, requires complex system integration to capture and store, and is rarely consistent outside of an operating environment.

Tagup addresses this problem: we’ve built a common data platform to manage equipment data across the world. With the data in a canonical format, sophisticated machine learning methods can be applied to predict equipment failure and reduce operating costs.

Tagup was founded in 2015 at MIT and is headquartered up the street in Somerville, Massachusetts.

  • Jon Garrity Founder & CEO
    Jon Garrity Founder & CEO

    Jon's background is in industrial information systems. Prior to Tagup, he worked at GE Energy in Atlanta.

    His first role at GE was as a software product manager on the Grid IQ product line. In this role he was responsible for working with a development team of over twenty engineers in Atlanta, San Ramon, and Shanghai to build analytics applications for electric utilities.

    In his most recent role at GE, he worked as fulfillment lead on a joint venture with a Chinese high voltage equipment manufacturer. Before GE, Jon studied physics and economics at MIT. After GE, he earned his MBA from Harvard Business School. He is the principal inventor on one granted and several pending patents.

  • Will Vega-Brown Founder & Chief Scientist
    Will Vega-Brown Founder & Chief Scientist

    Will is a final year PhD candidate in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT, working in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    His research focuses on ways to ground symbolic planning in the real world, and involves software engineering from micro-controllers through high-level web programming.

    Prior to beginning graduate studies, he completed his undergraduate studies at MIT, majoring in physics and mechanical engineering. Outside of work, Will is a jiu-jitsu black belt and sensei.

  • Rory Polera Senior Project Manager
    Rory Polera Senior Project Manager

    Rory has an extensive background working across a variety of technical operations; including manufacturing/supply chain, quality, field services, engineering, and R&D. Rory received his master’s degree in environmental engineering from the University of North Carolina. Rory’s past experience includes field engineer work at Oasys Water and managing product technical support at GE.

  • David Terana Software Engineering Team Lead
    David Terana Software Engineering Team Lead

    David’s background is in software engineering and consulting. Before Tagup David successfully ran his own consulting company, creating advanced software products for more than 15 enterprise clients. He previously worked as the employee-driven innovation manager at Société Générale.

  • David Masters DataOps Engineer
    David Masters DataOps Engineer

    David’s background is in automation engineering and risk management. Prior to joining the Tagup team, David worked at Liberty Power as pricing model developer. David has a keen knowledge of back-end web app development and infrastructure.

  • Ziyao “Joe” Xu UX Engineer
    Ziyao “Joe” Xu UX Engineer

    Joe graduated from Worcester Polytechnic Institute where he studied computer science and management information systems. Joe began his career at Fidelity Investments as a member of its UX design team.

  • Charlotte Ward Head of Operations
    Charlotte Ward Head of Operations

    Charlotte is a recent graduate of Northeastern University where she studied economics and environmental studies. Previously, she worked as an operations coordinator at MIT Energy Initiative.

  • Cristi Jora Full Stack Developer
    Cristi Jora Full Stack Developer

    Cristi is a full stack javascript developer with great passion towards open source technology. Cristi's experience includes various projects starting from e-commerce, finance and ending with open source tools and premium frontend templates.

  • Eduard Lupacescu Full Stack Developer
    Eduard Lupacescu Full Stack Developer

    Edy is a pragmatic full stack web developer and open-source enthusiast.
    Edy’s experience includes finance projects, E-learning platforms, SEO, ads analytics and open source @tse micro framework.

  • John McDonald Smart Grid Business Development Leader, GE Grid Solutions
    John McDonald Smart Grid Business Development Leader, GE Grid Solutions

    John D. McDonald, P.E., is SmartGrid Business Development Leader - North America for GE Grid Solutions Global SmartGrid Strategy Group.

    John received his BSEE and MSEE (Power Engineering) degrees from Purdue University, and an MBA degree from the University of California-Berkeley. John is a Fellow of IEEE, and was awarded the IEEE Millennium Medal in 2000, the IEEE PES (Power & Energy Society) Excellence in Power Distribution Engineering Award in 2002, the IEEE PES Substations Committee Distinguished Service Award in 2003 and the IEEE PES Meritorious Service Award in 2015.

  • Lou Schick Partner & CTO, New World Capital Group
    Lou Schick Partner & CTO, New World Capital Group

    Louis (Lou) Schick, Partner & CTO, co-founded NewWorld in June 2009. Before NewWorld, he was an independent consultant specializing in business applications of environmental technologies. Earlier, he was a Managing Director at Ritchie Capital, a hedge fund, where he oversaw a legacy portfolio of environmental businesses.

    Lou spent 8 years at General Electric, mainly at Corporate Research. He began as a product service engineer supporting installation and repair of gas turbine power plants worldwide. Subsequently, his senior roles included leading evaluation of Disruptive Technologies for GE Energy. He functioned as developer and head of GE’s solid oxide fuel cell program, and Master Black Belt focusing on low-carbon technologies. In his role as head of the solid oxide fuel cell program, he led a team with more than 100 scientists and researchers in five facilities and participated in strategic partnership negotiations, mergers and acquisitions, and government relations.