How t Works

Tagup is the simplest way to monitor your equipment, anytime and anywhere. In four simple steps, your equipment is connected to the web and monitored 24/7.


1. Create your equipment's "digital twin"

Work with one of our all-star project engineers to get your equipment added to our platform. Everything from I/O, product documentation, alarm setpoints, and access rights are configured to your needs.

You have complete control over the data available, and it is easy to add or remove information later as required.


2. Connect via cellular or Wi-Fi networks

We connect your equipment to the Internet using off-the-shelf industrial cellular modems and/or Wi-Fi antennas. Any equipment with an Ethernet or serial interface works out of the box.

For large-scale deployments, we can help design integrated cellular and Wi-Fi hardware right into your equipment.


3. Access your equipment data 24/7

As soon as your equipment sends data to the cloud, you can view real-time I/O, alerts, and other product data on your smart phone or computer.

If you'd like, you can easily share the equipment data with your end-customers, suppliers, or other partner companies.


4. Smarter & smarter equipment

Turns out you can teach old equipment new tricks. As Tagup gets more data from your equipment, we build continuously updated models to predict failures before they occur. More data, less downtime.

Our patent-pending platform, developed at MIT, can cut unexpected failures by as much as 35%.

Want to cut unplanned downtime?

Tagup makes your equipment IoT-enabled in hours.

Plug-and-Play Installation

Tagup uses off-the-shelf hardware, secure and easy to install – all in under an hour. A variety of protocols, from Modbus to BACnet to ASCII work out of the box, and we're adding new supported protocols continually. If your equipment has an Ethernet or serial interface, we can integrate it.

Military-grade security & encrypted transport

We've built trusted security technologies right into the core of the Tagup platform. All data is encrypted, assets are checked for authorized connections, and our embedded industrial web servers include a DMZ to prevent unauthorized access to your equipment. All data is encrypted (SSL/128 bit AES encrypted transport).

Real-time data visualization and alerts

View important alerts at a unit and fleet level with our easy-to-use web application. Real-time equipment data can be accessed using your mobile phone or computer, from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day. Say goodbye to the industrial user interfaces from the 90's, and embrace a modern user experience with Tagup.

Integrate any equipment type, across your entire install base

With Tagup, you can monitor any variety of equipment types in one place. Whether you're a product manager trying to track hundreds of your products across the world, or a plant manager with hundreds of manufacturers' equipment in one location, you can use Tagup to keep an eye on everything.