Back-end node.js and database engineer

We're looking for someone with expert proficiency in node.js and both front-end/back-end JavaScript. You must have deep experience with backend web application development (node), databases (MongoDB, Redis), and sys admin. In this role, you will dream up killer features and influence what new technologies best fit an evolving stack. You must be comfortable moving extremely fast, and shipping products and features early/often.

Front-end web application engineer

Our front-end web application engineer should have expert proficiency in everything front end, web: HTML/CSS/JS and the common frameworks. You should really know (and understand) AngularJS, and think it’s awesome. You should also have a strong understanding of what makes a UI good or bad, and strong intuition for what users want. Bonus points for any experience as a designer.

Full-stack JavaScript engineer

This key position on our team must have expert proficiency in front-end and back-end JavaScript. Contributions to open-source frameworks including node.js/npm or front-end JS libraries are strongly preferred. Important also is experience working with very large datasets. Design conscience front end development experience (HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, Backbone, etc.) a plus.

Senior business development/sales manager

We're looking for an experienced sales manager who has worked in heavy industry, preferably in roles like project management, maintenance engineering, parts management, or quality engineering. You must be extremely tech savvy—experience with web technologies and remote monitoring solutions is strongly preferred.