tagup inc.
More Data, Less Downtime

Reduce equipment downtime, streamline maintenance, and extend equipment life with our end-to-end remote monitoring and analytics platform.

Welcome to the future of industrial equipment monitoring
Extend equipment life
Monitor your operational data and maintenance actions to ensure that your equipment is kept in optimal working condition.
Reduce downtime
Our proprietary algorithms, developed at MIT, monitor equipment sensor data to predict issues and recommend maintenance actions.
Expand capabilities
OEMs and service companies can use our platform to track install base status remotely and directly support end customers.
Case Study
By monitoring equipment health in real time, the Tagup platform saved Veolia $104k with a single save. Among other equipment, Tagup actively monitors the health of power transformers. These critical assets are responsible for connecting the power plant to the power grid. Tagup analytics monitored multiple sensors and external data points, verifying the health of a key transformer during a fault and eliminating hours of unplanned downtime.
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